One of Williamsport's longest-standing, most dedicated supporters of original live music, Bullfrog Brewery regularly and proudly showcases the very best in national, regional, and local talent canvassing myriad genres ... rock, blues, jam, bluegrass, alternative, reggae, ska, jazz, Americana, electronic, fusion, world, and more. The Bullfrog features live music most every Friday & Saturday night (typically starting at 9PM), jazz every Wednesday evening (7-10PM), our immensely popular Sunday Jazz Brunch Workshop (12-4PM), and special musical treats on many Sunday, Monday, and Thursday evenings as well. If you're a fan of live, outstanding, original music, Bullfrog Brewery is decidedly your place to be.

Our Sunday Jazz Brunch Workshop is a magical, musical phenomenon that everyone should experience. The host trio of Burgess, Mitchell & Stetz (featuring the notable talents of pianist & vocalist Greg Burgess, award-winning worldly drummer Steve Mitchell, and bassist Bill Stetz) welcomes musicians of all kinds to join in the musical adventure. Live and inspirational, you'll watch, listen and smile as songs take shape and evolve in an unrehearsed performance ... a real workshop to hone skills and express musical vision. Many guest musicians & vocalists are always on-hand to "sit in" as soloists or to be called upon to create a whole, new trio, quartet or larger ensemble, too. It's a ritual that you'll want to be part of every Sunday! Because of the popularity of our Sunday brunch, reservations are strongly encouraged. Please call us at (570) 326-4700. Brunch is served from 9AM-2PM.
Friday, August 18     Shawan & The Wonton     9PM-MID

Shawan and the Wonton is a Harrisburg Roots/Soul ensemble. Shawan Rice's bluesy voice makes her sound older than she is, and it’s earned the 21-year-old from Harrisburg comparisons to Amy Winehouse and Billie Holiday. “Maybe I just have an old soul, and I’ve been here for, like, quite a few lifetimes,” says Rice (who also plays guitar) “and I’m just here doing what I’m supposed to be doing, which is just sharing some love, and … sending some healing vibes through some … tunes."
Monday, August 21     The Doug McMinn Blues Trio     8-11PM

A scaled-back version of The Doug McMinn Blues Band, the trio features the obvious talents of highly regarded blues veterans Doug McMinn (guitar, sax & vocals), John "JT Blues" Thompson (keyboards & vocals), and Joel B Vincent (drums) performing both originals and classic blues standards.
Wednesday, August 23     Organ Trio East     7-10PM

An absolutely phenomenal trio performing primarily original jazz, with a few classics thrown in for good measure ... this stellar trio features trombonist Jay Vonada, keyboardist Steve Adams, and drummer Tom James. Real deal jazz. Every Wednesday evening we offer up free, live jazz while you dine and drink with us here at the Bullfrog. From solo pianists to unique duos & trios to hot quartets, we've always got something on Wednesday nights to tickle your musical tastebuds while you relax with friends, grab a bite, or enjoy a beer.
Thursday, August 24     Mike Brown     9PM-MID

The great American road trip is alive and kicking in Grammy Nominee Mike Brown’s songs. All the mysterious, enchanting back roads that all us romantics sit around daydreaming about come alive on American Hotel. Listening to the album, you can tell Mike’s logged lots of windshield time, that he’s stopped in plenty of small town cafes to break bread with the type of familiar all-American characters we road warriors know so well. They’re what have given Mike’s project legs and taught it to run like no other.
Friday, August 25     Lumpy Gravy     9PM-MID

Like thunder dancing on legs of lightning! Williamsport's very own original jam band, Lumpy Gravy, was formed when Owen MacDonald and Brett Kahn (former members of Kind-A-Mind) began jamming with Mike & John Snyder. Doug McMinn, who played with MacDonald in the well-known George Wesley Band, signed on in the spring of 1998 (along with percussionist Ken Damilio). Now, three drummers and three bass players later, Gravy has a new lease on life. MacDonald (guitar, vocals) and McMinn (sax, guitar, vocals) are joined by Joel B Vincent (Blind Chitlin Kahunas, Melissa Reaves, Rubber Soul) on drums and Jimmy Lovcik (Strawberry Jam, Jack's Farm) on bass in the refurbished and riveting lineup. Vincent's fluid, tasteful style and Lovcik's rock-solid, imaginative bass work keep the famous Gravy groove percolating at peak efficiency. "Mango", the band's 2002 release, was extremely well-received, and their follow-up album "GRASShopper" truly showcased the band's creative style. Lumpy Gravy is ready to head back into the studio again soon to begin work on a highly anticipated third album ... although lately the band has toyed with the idea of recording a live album. Time will tell!
Saturday, August 26     The Lynn & Farley 5     9PM-MID

A fantastic fivesome featuring some of our region's finest musicians performing originals and clever covers ... and always one of our favorite acts to host! The band features vocalist & guitarist David Lynn, guitarist & vocalist Sean Farley, keyboardist Michael Eck, bassist Jimmy F'n Lovcik, and drummer Rich Cummings.
Sunday, August 27     Van Wagner     7-9PM

Van Wagner. Born in Pennsylvania. Lives in Pennsylvania. Makes music. Mined coal. Logged trees. Teaches kids. Van Wagner is an educator. In the classroom, he teaches Environmental Science at Lewisburg High School. He has been selected as Conservation Educator of the Year in 2005 from Schuylkill County and in 2007 and 2009 in Union County. In 2012 he was awarded the Sandy Cochran award for natural resource education from the Pennsylvania Forestry Association. Outside of the classroom he educates audiences with his music and programs on Pennsylvania history. His music has been featured on the History Channel and WVIA-TV, as well as Country Music Television (CMT). He has released 18 original albums and published a book entitled "Coal Dust Rust and Saw Dust." His music and programs not only entertain but inspire audiences to become involved in learning more.
Monday, August 28     David Pulizzi     8-11PM

David Pulizzi plays original music that touches on folk, country, blues, and rock traditions. Onstage he also occasionally covers Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Steve Earle, Bruce Springsteen and others. In the late '80s, after graduating from the Guitar Institute of Technology, he formed and fronted an L.A. band called Low Echo. A few years later, he was back in his hometown of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, playing guitar and singing lead vocals for the legendary Six Suede Men. Since then, he’s played memorable stints with The Excitable Boys and with Tin Can Sims and the Corps Cadavers. These days, he performs both solo and with his roots-rock band, Graveyard Rooster, wherever and whenever opportunity allows.
Wednesday, August 30     The Ken Wittman Trio     7-10PM

An outstanding trio featuring bassist Ken Wittman, guitarist Rod Chubb, and drummer Joel B Vincent. Every Wednesday evening we offer up free, live jazz while you dine and drink with us here at the Bullfrog. From solo pianists to unique duos & trios to hot quartets, we've always got something on Wednesday nights to tickle your musical tastebuds while you relax with friends, grab a bite, or enjoy a beer.
Thursday, September 1     Andy Mowatt's Steely Jam     9PM-MID

Andy Mowatt's Steely Jam" is a funk-driven powerhouse from Pennsylvania, led by guitarist Andy Mowatt, "an absolute musical genius" (Joe Devoy, Tellus 360) and "jazz-rock flamethrower on guitar" (Sam Campbell, Gigspots). A fusion of New Orleans and Central PA, "Andy Mowatt's Steely Jam" band will "inspire you to expand your mind and think outside the confines of traditional jazz, soul and funk!" (Corey Robert, Positive Music Reviews). "Confident, to-the-point, and elegant" (Gus Rocha, The Flinging Times), Andy and his group entertain and impress crowds with unique originals and modern twists on classic hits, "and yet, through many influences, each tune retains a sound that is distinctly Mowatt's" (Kim O'Brien, Fly Magazine).

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